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Service Calls

Much of our service is with diagnosis or troubleshooting HVAC problems.  Typically, our most common service call or job types are replacement of split and package units in residential and/or light commercial environments.  We offer free estimates to replace HVAC equipment.  However, we do not give free estimates for troubleshooting or diagnosing a failed or a problem with your HVAC system.   We offer a flat service fee for residential service.

Appointment Schedule

Here at PAZE, we schedule for next available appointment available that meets both your schedule and our office hours.  We generally give a 2-hour window for an appointment arrival time.  Additionally, in extreme weather conditions, we do consider elderly, infants, physically or medically challenged customers by prioritizing our appointments with consideration to these special needs.  We also prefer to make appointments that require a Tech to work in an attic or on roof-tops for early mornings during the hot seasons of Spring and Summer.

Estimates on HVAC Replacement

We offer free estimates to replace HVAC systems.  However, we do not give free estimates for troubleshooting or diagnosing a problem on a failed component of your HVAC system.  Such a call is a general service call.    Other limitations my apply like travel distance.   Contact us and let us chat!


Service Pricing

We operated under flat rate pricing guidelines.  We find flat rate pricing to be less complicated to our customers and it is more concise.  We offer a 10% discount to military households.  Contact us and let us chat! 


Seasonal System Checks

A form of Preventative Maintenance that is not under a contract and is based upon you scheduling this type of appointment as you desire.  Our customers usually schedule at the start of every season.    


Pre/Post Home Purchase HVAC Inspection

A buyer should consider age, wear and tear, general condition of HVAC equipment before buying a home with aging equipment.  Replacing can be costly.  Therefore, we advise that the perspective buyer have the HVAC system checked out.  On the reverse, we suggest the same for the perspective seller.  Remember the home inspection is a visual check of your HVAC by the home inspector.  Our inspection would be more specialized.   Contact us and let us chat!


Preventative Maintenance Agreements

Maintenance to your HVAC equipment is especially important to the life of an air conditioner or a furnace.  Under the PMA agreement, service is performed two (2) times a year, usually Spring and Fall.  Benefits of preventative maintenance agreement are: 

  • Reduce heating and cooling costs.
  • Prolong the life of your equipment.
  • Problems often spotted before they become breakdowns.
  • Priority scheduling on emergency service.
  • Offer 10% discount on repair parts.

Duct Insulation & Vent Upgrade

We offer duct insulation wrapping, replacement, or addition to your existing HVAC system.  Call us and let us chat! 


Indoor Air Quality

We offer an indoor air quality service to review, calculate air flow, and/or correct air quality in your home.   This may include a load calculation, inspecting ventilation, and a conversation on how you may increase ventilation around other parts of the home. 


Payments & Finance

Financing is also available