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The frequency of filter changes often depends upon exposures such as whether you have carpet, one or more pets that shed hair heavily, respiratory health issue, excessive dust, or even the number people in your home.  Industry standards are at a minimum of 4 times a year, more often is preferred.  Not changing, the filter regularly may also result in system failure.  Set a reminder for a filter change to coincide with vehicle maintenance or maybe with the change of season.  Certainly, consider checking monthly.


Often equipment failure is due to a lack of maintenance.  Moving parts need to be lubricated and clogged coils need unclogging, etc.  Most customers are not aware that a lack of maintenance over time reduces efficiency and may cause complete air conditioner or furnace failure.  A failure that often results in system replacement.  Therefore, we encourage our customers to set reminders that coincide with annual health appointments or an annual events or holidays.  Benefits of preventative maintenance are: 

  • Reduce heating and cooling costs.
  • Prolong the life of your equipment.
  • Problems often spotted before they become breakdowns.
  • Priority scheduling for emergency service.
  • Offer 10% discount on repair parts.

Seasonally, clean out and around your unit.  Remove any debris lodged such as dead leaves, small twigs and treat ant mounds.  Be sure that your unit is turned off before attempting to clean out!


Seasonally, have the indoor evaporator coil and blower wheel, cleaned.  Loose debris, lint, and drain pan should be cleaned out as well.  Be sure to allow all components to air dry completely to eliminate mole potential.  


No matter what type of heating equipment you use at your home, it should be thoroughly checked for safety and efficient operation before cold weather begins. 

  • Weatherstrip and caulk crack and leaks around doors and windows for best efficiency of HVAC.
  • Insulate ceilings with a minimum R-value of R-30 for north Georgia, R-22 for middle Georgia (including the Atlanta area), and R-19 for south Georgia is recommended. Especially rooms over garages and bonus rooms. 
  • Insulate floors over a basement where needed, especially when the space below is unheated.
  • Inspect warm air ducts that pass through unheated areas. Joints should be taped and wrapped with a least one and one half (1.5”) inches of insulation. 
  • Check windows and glass doors. They need some kind of covering to prevent excessive heat loss.  Homeowners may choose to install storm windows and storm doors. 
  • Let the sun help warm the house. Open blinds when the sun is shining on windows or glass doors.  Keep the window treatments closed on the shady side of the house at night. 

Keep your registers clean for proper air flow.  Arrange furniture and window treatment so that air flow is not blocked. 

  • that the same filter is used for both the heat and air season? Therefore, you change your filter all year long not just the warm months. 
  • that not firmly closing the furnace door say upon changing the filter, will automatically cycle off the a/c or furnace. So be sure to securely close all unit doors that you may have opened. 
  • that most inspections of your HVAC when purchasing a home over 5 years old is visual. So be sure to have a HVAC tech thoroughly check the HVAC system prior to purchasing an older home. 
  • that not changing a filter regularly can and will compromise you HVAC system? As with your auto, you have an oil and filter changed every 3000 miles or so to maintain proper function of your auto.  If you do not perform these regular maintenance tasks, your engine may fail.  Well the same applies with our HVAC system, it operates under the same principle.  

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